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ICC: WEBINAR Standby Letter of Credit

31.1.2022 - 9:00 - 16:30


Standby Letter of Credit, Standby subject to UCP 600 & ISP98, Questions & Answers


Pavel Andrle (CZ), Walter (Buddy) Baker (USA)


Standby Letter of Credit – Trade Cycle, how it works

  • Introduction to Standby L/C
  • Cycle: Issuance, Advice, Confirmation, Amendment, Expiry,
  • Demands and Payments under Standbys

Standby Letter of Credit subject to UCP 600

  • Standby under UCP 600 – main issues
  • Unsuitable or problematic UCP 600 articles for standbys
  • Examination of presentations under standbys subject to UCP 600
  • Questions and Answers

Speaker: Pavel Andrle

Standby Letter of Credit subject to UCP 600 – continuation

  • Interesting ICC Opinions and Docdex Cases on Standbys subject to UCP 500 & UCP 600
  • Questions and Answers

Speaker: Pavel Andrle

SWIFT messages for Standby Letter of Credit – proper use

  • MT760, MT767
  • New SWIFT messages for Standbys
  • Questions and Answers

Speaker: TBA

Standby Letter fo Credit subject to ISP98

  • Standby Letter of Credit in US, history, law
  • Standby practices in US
  • Counter Standby – Standby, Confirmation
  • Examination of presentations under ISP98
  • Main issues in practice, Extension clauses
  • Interesting court cases on standbys in US
  • Questions and Answers

Speaker: Buddy Baker

Standby L/C subject to ISP98 – debate on selected topics

  • Reduction, termination, extension clauses
  • Extend or pay demands
  • Examination

Questions and Answers

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9:00 - 16:30
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