Other useful information and advice

ARROWS advisory group

The ARROWS Law Office offers on its website legal information concerning the COVID-19. It consists of for example videos in which the leading experts of ARROWS answer the questions mainly related to the labour and contractual law or the questions regarding the damages payment by the State. ARROWS also prepared a practical handbook with regards to the damages payment, labour law and contracts.

The Law Office prepared a podcast in which it summarizes the frequently asked questions that were sent to the legal helpdesk in the period from March 31st to April 3rd, 2020. The questions concerned such fields as labour law, fees and taxes, paying damages and also orders and bans. The podcast is narrated by Mr. Jakub Dohnal, attorney and associate at the ARROWS Law Office.

In another podcast, Mr. Jakub Dohnal describes the program by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic which is focused on the employment protection. The episode pays special attention to the Antivirus program.

The Law Office also prepared a handbook called Liabilities Collection which is available for all, free of charge.

Frank Bold Advokáti

The Law Office prepared an article regarding a current topic – whether the State is responsible for the damages caused by the crisis precautions. You can read the whole article here.

Another recommended article discusses that the Acts on rent postponement only shift the epidemic impacts from the tenants to the landlords. The article is available here.


The lawyers at ROWAN LEGAL give at disposal to all organizations impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic more than 50 model documents prepared for solving problems caused by current epidemic or Government precautions, free of charge. With those model documents, you will be able to flexibly change contracts and communicate with your contract partners, adjust your liabilities towards your employees, deal with possible disputes, vote per rollam within trade corporations and very quickly place a public procurement. Those model documents are available for download here.

There is a recording of the webinar Become an on-line seller from day to day! which is available here. The attorneys will, within this webinar, guide you through the most important steps to be taken in order to quickly establish an e-shop or an on-line platform for services provision. Also, they will highlight the main legal issues that an on-line sale entails. You can also download a practical checklist which will help you to make sure you did not forget any important step when going on-line. The checklist is available here.

The recording of the webinar Legal aspects of the emergency state is available here. The webinar topics are labour law relations, contract law, employees and self-employed support.

Other interesting content by the Law Office is available here:

Certificate of the force majeure intervention

Considering the quantity of posed questions concerning the certificate of the force majeure intervention, CCC publishes up-to-date information here (currently in Czech only). Thanks to this certificate employers can relieve themselves e.g. from the obligation to pay damages in cases when an unpredictable and insurmountable obstacle will be proven by a presented contract documentation.

Economic monitoring of companies

The Czech Chamber of Commerce also comes with a new activity helping the business community in the times we all face a completely unusual situation which already has and in the future yet will have a big impact on the economy of the Czech Republic and of our trade partners. Apart from the crucial State support it is also necessary to keep a transparent business environment that will lower the danger of a secondary insolvency. In this context, the Czech Chamber of Commerce does in cooperation with the company CRIF – Czech Credit Bureau offer an application called Cribis which makes it possible to monitor the economic situation of all your customers and other business partners, free of charge for the duration of 2 months. This customer portfolio monitoring is focused on both legal and natural persons – business people registered on the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. More information is to be found here (in Czech only).